Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy

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The Mizzie Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy is a great choice for any mum-to-be, featuring one of Mizzie's Touch&Feel books of your choice  along with a Mizzie's Teething Toy made from natural Australian rubber that will keep both mum and baby happy.

The fun and interactive Mizzie Books:
Designed especially for little hands, using different materials and textures they help:

    • Build language awareness
    • Encourage the love of reading
    • Develop a sense of touch

Touch, feel and learn!

In this gift set, besides the Mizzie Teething Toy, you can chose between one of two adventures:

‘Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo‘ - ‘At the Beach’ is all about the fun and safety at the beach, with Mizzie helping Bella-Boo through fun and interactive beach scenes.


‘Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo’ – ‘Be active’ shows the fun in being active, indoors and outdoors, with Mizzie helping Bella-Boo be active in different gender-neutral sport activities.