Mizzie 'Little Solver' Toddler Gift Set

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This amazing Little Explorer  Gift Set contains two interactive, problem-solving toys that will flourish your toddler's mind and stimulate their curiousity!

This Gift Set includes:

- Mizzie Memory Match: The curious toddler's mind will HOP into a fun learning journey with our JUMBO 4-in-1 Mizzie Memory Match Game Set! This 36 Cards, 18 Pairs and 3 Level game set will exercise their blossoming brain in a FUN and INTERACTIVE way!

- Mizzie Puzzles – Hopping Around Australia: A three in one puzzle set that will teach all about different Aussie landscapes with ‘In the Outback’, ‘In Sydney’, and ‘At the Surf’ in 3 individual puzzles increasing in difficulty with either 4, 6, or 9 pieces.